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Mexico, street cuisine

Mexico is a country with an internationally recognized cuisine with characteristic flavors and dishes like burritos, tacos, chili, tequila, mezcal, and the list could continue. In my country, Colombia, many restaurants are named as Mexicans, which try to mimic the seasoning and flavor of this land, however, being in Mexico I have experienced that are totally different.

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Mexico Federal District

It is the country’s capital, Mexico City, what could be called a concrete jungle. It is the country’s largest urban complex and is where the major powers and activities of the Mexican territory are located. It is ranked as a global city; and it is one of the most important financial and cultural centers of America.

México DF, Centro Historico

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Movies that motivate to go around the globe

In this post I want to talk about a form of travel that does not require much money or physical effort, but it does require time and appreciation. I’m addicted to the movies, I love movies of all kinds, especially independent films, yet I am no stranger to Hollywood movies and I’m fascinated by Bollywood films.

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The sun and the moon, Pyramids of Teotihuacan – Mexico

Zona Arqueologica de Teotihuacan, México

Zona Arqueologica de Teotihuacan, México (9)

Xochimilco – Mexico, Land of flowers and colors

Xochimilco is one of the main attractions of Mexico talking in terms of culture and tradition. It is also one of the most colorful destinations in the Mexican territory, is located southeast of the country capital, being one of the sixteen delegations that make up the Federal District.

Xochimilco, trajineras, Lago Xochimilco, México

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