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Colombia, Road trip to the Atlantic coast

In Colombia, there are many people who have never had the possibility of knowing the sea, so there are also many people who intend to do so and they make it part of a dream or a goal to accomplish before they died. However, in Colombia is particularly expensive think about air travel and worst if you have family, so one of the most common travel is to go overland to the coast to see the sea, both the Atlantic and the Pacific.

About two years ago, 3 friends and I, we decided to make a road trip in Colombia with a straight course to the Atlantic coast starting from the center of the country. Were many kilometers in a car driven by one of the members of this adventure, this was a mistake that we made, we did not ensure that no one else knew how to drive. Therefore, we spent about 10 days on the road with just a person driving the car all the time.

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