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Xochimilco – Mexico, Land of flowers and colors

Xochimilco is one of the main attractions of Mexico talking in terms of culture and tradition. It is also one of the most colorful destinations in the Mexican territory, is located southeast of the country capital, being one of the sixteen delegations that make up the Federal District.

Xochimilco, trajineras, Lago Xochimilco, México

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Flowers, a smile from the earth

“As beautiful flowers, with color, but without scent, are the sweet words for the person that worketh not agree with them” Buddha

Versión en Español: Las flores, una sonrisa desde la tierra

Calcutta, India. A city of many contrasts, 17 years after Mother Teresa of Calcutta

For more than 45 years Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhia Albanian known as Teresa of Calcutta (name adopted in reference to patroness of missionaries Teresa of Lisieux) naturalized Indian, dedicated her life to work with the underprivileged of the world attending poor, sick, orphans and dying. What I led her to be the Novel of Peace in 1979, among other awards that were granted to her in honor of her immense work. Which also led her to become one of the figures icon in the answers and speeches of beauty pageants with other great figures.

Mother Teresa founded the congregation called Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India, which 64 years after its foundation is still working for the needy, “the poorest of the poor” I would say with material shortages. People who feel and are unprotected and rejected by society, devoid of love and many material comforts to live a decent life. But endowed with virtues that are reflected in their eyes which many people living placidly may never experience. The congregation of the Missionaries of Charity is open to anyone wishing to visit the house and see the history of Mother Teresa, take a look at the pictures of the thousands who have been helped, see which her room was and give a contribution as a missionary; for which many foreigners attend each day.

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