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Cities of colors 3 of 3, Jaipur “The Pink City”

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan state, this is known as the pink city because it was built in pink stucco, and also the pink color is considered a lucky color in the state of Rajasthan. This city was not always pink, it was painted this color in 1883 to welcome The Prince of Wales who was visiting. Since that, the pink color combined with ornaments of white has been preserved, giving the city a characteristic and a base for tourism.

Jaipur, Pink City, Rajasthan, India, Amber Fort

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Sacred, colorful and abused elephants

Before traveling to India, I thought that once I were there, I would want to ride an elephant. I used to think that the idea of ​​being up in an animal so beautiful, so great, so strong was incredible; I believed that if I did not do it, could be possibly to not have the opportunity again. However through my days living there these ideas changed, I fell in love of these animals, with their majesty, beauty, nobility and expressive eyes; I never felt more than them and I did not have heart to ride them.

Indian Elephant

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