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I am Lis Roldan, am 23 years old and I´m from Colombia. All the content in this blog is done by me. I´m not a writter neither a proffesional photographer, I do it because I realized that this bring happiness and fulfillment to my life.

For Life 1: 21 Tips for Success by Jackson Brown Jr.

Two years ago, on my trip around India, I visited the Karni Mata Temple or Temple of rats as it is better known, particularly attracted my attention some posters at the entrance containing a list of tips for being successful. Personally, I tend to be an unbeliever when it comes motivational phrases, I also believe that listings with guidelines on how to lead our lives, either: in love, at home, at work, etc. Only help to increase the level of frustration in people, however, know that there are other people for whom they work and somehow make these parameters be a model or behavior to follow.

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How “The Lis Stories” blog was born

Ten months ago my curiosity was aroused and was born the idea of ​​creating this space called “The Lis Stories”. During this time I have been sharing what springs from my feelings, the images that catch my eyes and my mind, cultural expressions that I perceive with my experience and a bit of what I have lived; along with some history of each place that I have the privilege of visiting.

Maybe today is a different day, in which I want to open a little more and provide a little more of me as a person, as a dreamer, as a traveler, as a woman, as idealistic and historian. During my time so far dedicating this blog, I have given the best of my qualities to make this thing even better. Ten months ago I was in Aruba, a small island located between the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, this place is for me an ideal of paradise and lifestyle childhood dreams, in short, a house by the sea.

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Mexico, street cuisine

Mexico is a country with an internationally recognized cuisine with characteristic flavors and dishes like burritos, tacos, chili, tequila, mezcal, and the list could continue. In my country, Colombia, many restaurants are named as Mexicans, which try to mimic the seasoning and flavor of this land, however, being in Mexico I have experienced that are totally different.

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Mexico Federal District

It is the country’s capital, Mexico City, what could be called a concrete jungle. It is the country’s largest urban complex and is where the major powers and activities of the Mexican territory are located. It is ranked as a global city; and it is one of the most important financial and cultural centers of America.

México DF, Centro Historico

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Movies that motivate to go around the globe

In this post I want to talk about a form of travel that does not require much money or physical effort, but it does require time and appreciation. I’m addicted to the movies, I love movies of all kinds, especially independent films, yet I am no stranger to Hollywood movies and I’m fascinated by Bollywood films.

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