How “The Lis Stories” blog was born

Ten months ago my curiosity was aroused and was born the idea of ​​creating this space called “The Lis Stories”. During this time I have been sharing what springs from my feelings, the images that catch my eyes and my mind, cultural expressions that I perceive with my experience and a bit of what I have lived; along with some history of each place that I have the privilege of visiting.

Maybe today is a different day, in which I want to open a little more and provide a little more of me as a person, as a dreamer, as a traveler, as a woman, as idealistic and historian. During my time so far dedicating this blog, I have given the best of my qualities to make this thing even better. Ten months ago I was in Aruba, a small island located between the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, this place is for me an ideal of paradise and lifestyle childhood dreams, in short, a house by the sea.

While there, just a year after my trip to India, I thought that actually I was keeping many experiences that I wanted to share with others. An idea prompted by a phrase I’ve heard from many people, just after hearing some short stories from my life. This phrase is “You should write a book”, maybe not everyone has said it sincerely; However, I thought that I should. I have not written a book but I thought that write a blog was a good start. Around the same time I saw the movie “Julie & Julia”; which also I recommend it in one of my posts (Movies that motivate to go around the globe), where the girl is motivated to write a cooking blog, and that motivated me even more to take the first step.

I had no idea how to create a blog, also had fears and doubts, may in fact that I still have some; like: was afraid of being criticized and judged, also I worried me think of who would visit the blog since being sociable has not been one of my best qualities. So my first step was guided by reason and consulted various blogs that discuss related issues. Initially I tried to build it in “”BlogSpot” finally their environment was not to my liking and I thought it needed harmony, then I came to WordPress. Granted it was not an easy start for me and it took me about a month to learn how to use all the tools and perform my first publications before deciding to share with the person closest to me what I was doing. The first to know was my partner and I did not want to share just an idea, so I waited until already had some form and was real.

Perhaps the most difficult part of this process has been to make other people visit my blog and most importantly that they become interested in what I do and want to return. My first followers were basically “my natural market” made up of friends and acquaintances, however, I realized that most are not interested in what I do, and a “like” on a Facebook page becomes a kind of favor or temporary support. I have also seen that many people are not attracted to the idea of ​​having to read. On the other hand, I now recognize that causes me a lot of excitement every time I have a new “like” in one of my publications, or a new follower and if they comment is much better, especially because they come from people that I do not know.

Of the fiftheen months of “The Lis Stories” in its spanish version, the first two were spent in Aruba, the third one in Colombia, the next eight months in Mexico, then four months in Colombia again an currently I am back in Aruba. In my 23 years I have had the opportunity to live in four countries; from the experiences, the taste for travel and from my dreams, is born the main motivation for writing this blog. But I do not travel constantly, neither live in moving, rather I stay in places for long periods. So I do not want to limit my writing only to travel experiences because the content would end.

Anyway, I try every day to build something better and I thank those who are here after each new entry.

I keep telling a little more in future entries.

Versión en Español: Como nació “Las Historias de Lis”


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