Mexico, street cuisine

Mexico is a country with an internationally recognized cuisine with characteristic flavors and dishes like burritos, tacos, chili, tequila, mezcal, and the list could continue. In my country, Colombia, many restaurants are named as Mexicans, which try to mimic the seasoning and flavor of this land, however, being in Mexico I have experienced that are totally different.

The mexican cuisine has some very basic components, the main ingredients are: chilis, tortillas both wheat and also corn, beans, cheese, meat and fat, too much fat. Different preparations can be found around Mexico, and all of them will provide a complete explosion of flavors range from a sweet end to the other spicy end. All meals are accompanied by different kinds of peppers, tomato sauce and other traditional preparations of sauces that cannot miss.

Food, Mexican Gastronomy

It is common in restaurants, deliver the bill accompanied with Chamoy candies, which are sweets made of dried fruit and chili, and personally I think it tastes like tomato sauce with chili. For Mexicans, if there is no sauce and is not spicy, it has not flavor and is not good. As a foreigner, I’m not entirely accustomed to spicy meals and had to learn that when I ask about the level of spicy of the food and people respond that is “not spicy” is because it really stings a bit and when the answer is “a little spicy” is because it will burn my mouth and I will finish” enchilada” as they call the reaction of having an overdose of spicy and the moment when you starting to mourn.

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When you hear about Mexico anywhere, you immediately think in tequila, but living here, I have learned that there are drinks that I enjoy more, as are the beers. Before my trip to this country, I did not know that the brewing industry here is so great and the variety of Mexican beers is quite extensive and a very low prices, something in common with tequila and mezcal. One of the most traditional preparations of beer in Mexico, are “Micheladas”, beers served with different sauces, among them: Clamato; a tomato drink, Maggie sauce, chili powder, among others. This combination in the Michelada is not to my liking, the more graphic description I can give about the taste; It is put in the mouth a bucket of food seasoning powder and then drink some beer; so I prefer “cheladas”, beers served with lemon, salt and chili powder optional.

Personally, I enjoy trying the street food in the different places I visit, it did it in India and I am still telling the story. So, now I do it also in Mexico, I think that this kind of food is prepared in a traditional way and lets you get closer to the local culture. Something I find particularly funny is that in most small places they serve food on plates covered with plastic bags, thus avoiding washing.

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