Mexico Federal District

It is the country’s capital, Mexico City, what could be called a concrete jungle. It is the country’s largest urban complex and is where the major powers and activities of the Mexican territory are located. It is ranked as a global city; and it is one of the most important financial and cultural centers of America.

México DF, Centro Historico

Personally, I do not love visiting big cities; I do not find much appeal in its big buildings, stressed people and its traffic chaos. The DF represents for many Mexicans, the place where they do not want to be, a place for them: dangerous, fast, dirty and chaotic. Sometimes I think that Mexicans tend to exaggerate some situations. For me Mexico City is no more than any other city; but with larger size and larger population, but keeping transportation issues, safety and pollution.

View of the city from the Chapultepec Castle
México DF, Castillo de Chapultepec
Chapultepec Castle

México DF, castillo de chapultepec (2)

One of the main factors that people advice you take care and be careful during your stay in this city, is safety. It is said that there are many cases of theft that occur daily; I visited Mexico City in time for Easter, vacations time, perhaps too many thieves were traveling, but still we were robbed!, in the afternoon on the subway. There are times when most people using this transport, all the service collapses and the robbers are ready to make their job. However, I was lucky and fifteen minutes later we recover what was stolen. When we told this event to some Mexicans friends, they were surprised that we had been stolen in Mexico City and also would have recovered our thing. The answer is simple, that they did not know that we were Colombians and the “indigenous malice” runs through our veins.

That unpleasant moment did not give us a bad feel of the city, and less give us afraid to continue traveling on the subway, the next day we were using it again, but with a little more caution. What I realized in that moment, is another problem suffered by this place and I mean the country in general, is corruption, since for various events was very easy to know that the police worked with the thief, who was a woman and she said that had to come to “work” to pay for her studies.

In addition, Mexico City has great cultural and architectural wealth, many art museums of various kinds that can be visited.Also, the historic downtown is a place with great buildings with hundreds of years, a sample of European architecture of the era of colonization. Imposing and harmonious buildings, filled with many details and finishes that delight our aesthetic senses. Also, the city has a system of tourist buses that can take you around the city, visiting the main tourist and cultural sites. In my opinion, make the journey in the Turibus is a waste of time and money, however, may be useful for those who do not like to make their own plans or fear getting lost. We took the tour on it and repent later; but it was my first time on a double-decker bus and without roof.

Finally, if you ever travel to DF go to the Palace of Fine Arts, it was the place that I most liked in the whole city. It is said to house the maximum expression of culture in Mexico. It was declared as Artistic Monument in 1987 by UNESCO. Its construction began in 1904 and ended in 1934, it is built in marble with a union of styles of Art Nouveau and Art Deco and its interior has murals of various renowned artists including Diego Rivera.

México DF, Centro Historico, Palacio de bellas artes (3)

As a bonus to our visit to Mexico City, we saw the recordings of some scenes in the last James Bond movie, so when I watch it, I can say “I was there, I saw it when they recorded that part”.

México DF, Centro Historico, Zocalo (2)



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