Movies that motivate to go around the globe

In this post I want to talk about a form of travel that does not require much money or physical effort, but it does require time and appreciation. I’m addicted to the movies, I love movies of all kinds, especially independent films, yet I am no stranger to Hollywood movies and I’m fascinated by Bollywood films.

Every time I see a movie I get a connection with the story and even sometimes I feel that is about me. I have seen many movies in my life, but many I do not even remember the name and most have no idea who their chief. It happens the same with books, I love to read, but usually not remember the names and less the authors of the books I read -my memory is not made to remember names-. The fact is that, through these films I have the chance to visit places I have never visited; dream with being there one day, some I have seen before being in those places and then I watch them again to remember. There are many places I’d like to feel and experience throughout my life, there are still missing a lot and where I’ve been, I’ve done it for long periods and as far as my means allowed me. So while I’m not traveling physically; I nourish my senses and fill myself with wishes for future adventures, through various film stories.

Here is a small list of 10 films that I like, inspire me and lead me to travel from the comfort of my home.


  1. Eat, Pray, Love (Ryan Murphy, 2010)

A film in which a woman named Liz, had everything a common woman wants as: a marriage, a successful career and a nice house. However, one day she realized that she wanted more from life than that. She had been keeping a suitcase with clippings from magazines and guide books, noting the places she would like to see before she die. One day decides to end her marriage and embarks on a new stormy relationship, which leads her to realize that her life was a complete disaster. It is no longer thrilled with anything; she had lost the sense of wonder and feel. So she took the decision to travel for a year in search of balance to her life, which leads her to enjoy the pleasures of food in Italy, in search of peace and god to India and finally manages to find the balance through love, in Indonesia. It is one of my favorite movies, I’ve seen it many times and each time I like more, someone recommended it to me before going to India and inspired me a lot for my trip, plus I liked it so much that I read the book by Elizabeth Gilbert.


  1. Outsourced (John Jeffcoat, 2006)

Todd, works for a call-center in the United States, one day he was announced that the department he heads will be outsourced to a city in India. So Todd must travel there to train the person who will be responsible in order to have adequate production; in turn the indian in charge needs to get a promotion to marry the woman of his dreams. It is a film showing in a fun way all the cultural shocks that can have a foreigner in India. Also, how far you can get the creativity and ingenuity of a person when it is under certain conditions. On the other hand, the street scenes, the sample of folklore and humility in people is something really nice about this movie.


  1. The secret life of Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller, 2013) 

Tells the story of Walter, a man who works for a magazine in the photographic archive and also passes his day dreaming awake. One day the company he works for is sold and he is about to become unemployed after losing a photographic negative for the latest edition of the magazine. The former owner of the magazine is a man who spends his life traveling and aimlessly, Walter decides to start a trip to go in his search, because he trusts that he can helps him to keep his job. Walter finally stop dreaming and begins the adventure he’d always wanted to live.


  1. The Darjeeling limited (Wes Anderson, 2007)

Tells the story of three brothers who have not been seen during the last year, after the death of their father and the abandonment of their mother. All three suffer from depression and together they decided to make a train trip across India. During this trip there are many unexpected events that tests them and leads to rediscover what really makes them brothers.


  1. Into the wild (Sean Peen, 2007)

“Happiness is only real when is shared”

A story based on real life of Christopher McCandless, an American student and athlete, who were not agree with the canons of behavior implanted by society. After finishing his college career he decided to leave everything behind, donates his savings to charity and gets rid of all his possessions. Finally, He started a trip up to Alaska, along the way he meets various people who fill his new life of lessons and help him to form a new character. This movie left me a sentence that never forgot, “Happiness is only real when you have someone to share it,” things you learn when great moments are lived in solitude.


  1. 3 Idiots (Rajkumar Hirani, 2009)

“Aal izz well, aal izz well…”

Someone recommended me this film being in India, however, I saw it when I returned to Colombia. These three friends are engineering students, who meet in college. During that time another student challenged them to meet ten years later, to see who would have managed to be more successful. After the reunion, one of the three friends is not displayed and the other two do everything to find him, while narrating their adventures together and the teachings of his lost friend. A truly inspirational movie, that exemplifies the phrase “love is power”, accompanied by the funny scenes of dancing and singing the best Bollywood style.

Hector (Simon Pegg) in Relativity Media's HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS. Photo Credit: Ed Araquel (c) 2014 Egoli Tossell Film/ Co-Produktionsgesellschaft ""Hector 1"" GmbH & Co. KG/ Happiness Productions Inc./ Wild Bunch Germany/ Construction Film"

  1. Hector and the search for happiness (Peter Chelsom, 2014)

Hector is a psychiatrist with a very organized life; He is dedicated to listening to people and try to help them with their problems by very low cost. In addition, Hector since childhood dreams of living the adventures of Titín. One day he realizes that he could not achieve that his customers were happy, so he decides to take a trip to investigate about what made the people happy elsewhere, leading him to China and then to Africa.


  1. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (Ayan Mukherjee, 2013)

One of Bollywood films that I like, is the story of three friends who will travel to the Himalayas. On this trip they cross with a former classmate who is making the trip alone, one of the three friends and she fall in love. But then their lives take separate paths, because he wanted to travel the world as a photographer and she just wanted to stay in India to be a doctor and help people. After several years they meet again and realize that their love had continued alive. It is a film that reflects many of the traditions of India, also its scenes and photography is performed in several of the most beautiful places that India has. The film lasts about three hours and is set with music and dance scenes with the best Indian style.


  1. The best exotic Marigold Hotel (John Madden, 2011)

This film tells the story of a group of British retirees who are looking for a place to spend the last years or maybe days of their lifes. They travel to India with the hope of reaching to a luxurious hotel recently restored, but come to a place in ruins. It is a reflection of all racial and cultural clashes that many Europeans have to face when they visit India. Some manage to adapt and see the wonder of its environment, others are closed by their stereotypes and are not able to see the best of being there.


  1. Julie & Julia (Nora Ephron, 2009)

It tells the story of Julie Powell, who decides to cook for one year 524 recipes from a French cookbook written by Julia Child, an American women in the 60s, and at the same time writes a blog with her progress and experiences. Simultaneously, the story of Julia Child is told after arriving in France and discover her love for the culinary arts. I confess that this film inspired me to start my blog.

Give me your recommendations for the weekend.



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