Udaipur, among palaces and miniature paintings

It’s been almost three months writing and telling stories through The Lis Stories, and mostly I have spoken about India and the various wonders it has. Today I want to tell you that with this article I want to give a break to the stories of India, because I want also to share stories about other places that deserve to be told. About India, this wonderful country, there is much to tell and many pictures to share, but I promise you that I will be writing later again about this magical and amazing place.

Udaipur is located in the south of the Rajasthan state in India, it is one of those places that have a lot to show and enjoy. This city is like others in this state, places full of beauty, history, culture and tradition. Udaipur is known as “the City of Lakes” because there are several large lakes that create beautiful landscapes. But the best known and largest is The Pichola Lake that lies in the heart of the city.

Pichola Lake

Udaipur, Lago Pichola, Rajasthan, IndiaUdaipur, Lago Pichola, Rajasthan, India (4)Udaipur, Lago Pichola, Rajasthan, India (3)

This city is the perfect place to relax after several days of travel, on a terrace with beautiful views of the Pichola Lake and the palaces located on two islands in the middle of the lake. Most hotels in this city are around the lake and all have beautiful views. In Udaipur you will meet many interesting places like the City Palace, which is also the largest in Rajasthan, from there you can take boat tours on the Pichola Lake and visit the Palace at the Lake. Another recommended place to visit in Udaipur is the Monsoon Palace, located five kilometers from the city at the end of a hill and is one of the best places to see the city and the sunset. You can also stop by Haveli Bagore-Ki, located in the lower part of the town near the lake, there you can learn a little more about the culture of this place and observe proper objects of their traditions as the world’s largest turban, musical instruments, among other things. Furthermore, in the afternoon it is possible to attend cultural events in the yard this place.

City Palace

Udaipur, City Palace, Rajasthan, India
Palace in the Lake

Udaipur, Lago Pichola, Rajasthan, India, PalaceUdaipur, Lago Pichola, Rajasthan, India (2)
Monsoon Palace

Udaipur, Monsoon Palace, Rajasthan, India
Haveli Bagore - Ki

The world's largest turban

Udaipur, Haveli Bagore- Ki, The bigest turban, Rajasthan, IndiaUdaipur, Haveli Bagore- Ki, , Rajasthan, IndiaUdaipur, Haveli Bagore- Ki, , Rajasthan, India (2)

These paintings are characterized by their small size approximately 5 cm and possessing an immense amount of details. The artists buy postcards in post offices and other places, are mostly old postcards that preserved the writings and messages from people who sent them; being the most common love messages. You must be very observant when it comes to acquire some of these postcards, as some of these are not legitimate, is not something that depends on the artists is just that some of their suppliers make the postcards by them themselves with similar qualities as the originals with papers impregnated with oil and they burn the edges to make them look old. It is easy to distinguish because they lack the hallmarks of post offices.

Udaipur gave me much more than experience and photographs, there I choose to pierce my nose in the style of India, without any aseptic, sterile needles or meticulous procedures. Only a small gem, a tool for making jewelry, coconut oil and 37 years of experience of the man who finally made it, and the anesthesia to avoid pain, just a word “smile”.



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