Cities of Colors 1 of 3, Jodhpur “the blue city”

In India there are several cities that are renowned for being dyed a specific color which prevails between the color paint of their houses and streets. Among these stand out: Jaipur as the Pink City, Jaisalmer as the Golden City and Jodhpur as the blue city. All of them located in the state of Rajasthan in northwest India. These colors are the main attractions of these cities as a fundamental part of the local architecture.

Jodhpur is a city of narrow streets and blue houses, is like a heaven but on earth. When you look in the distance you can see the huge and imposing Mehrangarh Fort that stands on a hill full of beauty and grandeur. From there you can see the set of blue houses that look like a postcard, is an excellent vantage point from which can be seeing the Thar Desert and the large walls that still surround the city. On the opposite side of the fort, there is a hill from where you can have beautiful views of the fort and the desert, a place full of peace and tranquility.

Jodhpur, Blue city, Rajasthan, India (2)

Jodhpur, Blue city, Rajasthan, India (3)

Blue is the predominant color, it used to be said that the houses were painted this color because it isolated the cold and chased away the mosquitoes. Currently, the new constructions are still painted blue as a tradition and a reason to attract tourism. The city is divided into two parts, the old and the new Jodhpur, is on the old side of the city where you can enjoy the blue landscape.

Jodhpur, Blue city, Rajasthan, India (4)

This city, its Fort and its surroundings in particular have a story that many people who are visiting ignored. This was the scene of one of the most famous and recognized cinematography productions in the world, Batman film. For those who have seen the latest production, Batman, the Dark Knight rises, launched in 2012, remember their famous scenes in jail and when finally Bruce Wayne escapes it, these were shot at this location. For those who have been followers of this production, it makes this city even more special.

Jodhpur, Blue city, Rajasthan, India (5)

Overall, Jodhpur is one of those places you cannot miss on the tour route to India. With a unique landscape and uniqueness among its blue houses and the Thar Desert.





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