Camel Fair, Pushkar – Rajasthan

Hundreds camel decorated with many colors, bells and floats parties. All of them waiting to be sold or for someone who wants to give a ride. Besides camels, horses are also part of the fair and the business.

Camel Fair, Pushkar, India (2)

It was November, the month in which each year takes place this important event, thousands of people come to Pushkar to be part of this colorful festival, photographers and journalists from different parts of India do their best to get a room in a hotel without regardless of price, also reaches people from nearby cities; all with the same intention, enjoy the fair.

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Pushkar is the main city of India when it comes to buying, there traders from other places of the country come to buy for their own business, and it is like a giant market. Wherever you move you will find all sorts of things, camel leather accessories, textiles, jewelry, you name it and you can get much lower prices than elsewhere.

On the other hand, Pushkar is one of the major Hindu pilgrimage sites, is located around the Pushkar Lake where pilgrims bathe in the sacred waters. There you can attend various religious activities in which mantras are recited, offerings are made, among others. While you can watch the beautiful sunset with their beautiful colors and sparkles on the lake water, which change the perception of the place, making it a simply magical place.

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The camel fair is a party very colorful, cheerful, and full of beauty and sensations. This makes the Pushkar fair internationally recognized and attractive for travelers who are touring around India. During each day of the fair you can enjoy activities such as live music, traditional parades and various attractions. But these days the city attracts many people mostly from nearby villages and makes the place becomes a chaos in which it is difficult to just walk.

Camel Fair, Pushkar, India (8)

In my experience in India, I learned that there are people of little places that have never seen what they call “white people” really does not matter that you’ve spent much time in the sun and have a sun burn, for them you’re still very white, “white as a chicken” a phrase that once a woman in Goa told me “you are white like chicken”. Which will attract many people who will want to approach you, touch you, talk to you and to hold you. Well in my case I tell you that for reasons like these to someone in the middle of the Camel Fair in Pushkar came up with the great and incredible idea to make a business with me in change of camels. It sounds funny but it was not, the truth is that camels were offered to the owner of a store where I was buying, this caused an argument between them but the man insisted in take me with him. Which greatly alarmed the store owner, who asked me to leave and stayed away from people because according to him they had not good intentions with me.

Camel Fair, Pushkar, India (9)


Personally, I was not worried with what happened nor even see it as an experience that was negative, I am a very tolerant and open person and I think that when you decide to travel to other places with completely different cultures and habits to yours, you must be willing many things. Also, in my experience I learned that sometimes many of the situations that may occur are the fault of the same traveler or tourist, not generalize, but in many cases there are people who come to a place to disrespect cultures, beliefs and traditions, with unwise and inappropriate behaviors; which can also bring bad times.

On the other hand, in Pushkar are many places like temples that you would want to visit even if they are not very old. Locally and not common in India, in Pushkar there is something known as “Pushkar Passport”  which is a rope reddish or orange color, that is put in your hand like a bracelet which allows you entry to various places without any hassle. If you do not possess it, there are people always trying to put it in exchange for money, it is just a business but it’s helpful for you to have it, so you can avoid discomfort.

Camel Fair, Pushkar, India (10)

Like all places in Rajasthan, Pushkar is just beautiful, I would call it an oasis in the desert, with large markets, friendly people, colorful, a beautiful lake at its center, beautiful sunsets and beautiful customs of this region.

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Camel Fair, Pushkar, India (12)




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