Delhi – India, places to see

Delhi currently is the National Capital of India, New Delhi being one of the nine districts into which it is divided and is where most government institutions are located. Delhi is the second largest metropolis of India being Bombay or Mumbai as it is now known, the most populous.

New Delhi, India

New Delhi is known for its wide avenues with trees around, also by having two world heritage sites, the Humayun’s Tomb and Qutab Minar complex, moreover the Lotus Temple, India Gate, among others. Delhi has a good subway system connecting the entire city that will facilitate your visit to all the places you want, maps are available at stations throughout the system and are very easy to understand, is the best form of transportation in terms of price and speed. Some stations may look very congested during certain hours, but no problem because in India it is believed that there is always space. Also, all trains have a wagon intended for the exclusive use of women.

New Delhi, India (2)

New Delhi, India, Train Station

The Qutab Minar complex, is considered World Heritage by UNESCO since 1993. The Qutab Minar is the most famous monument of this place, is a tower built of brick and marble with a height of 72.5 meters, being the highest in the world in such material.

Lotus Temple, is a Baha’i worship center, recognized internationally for its architecture features that makes it one of the most visited places in India, even more than the renowned Taj Mahal. Its construction was completed in 1986, and has the form of a lotus flower, its design is composed of 27 petals that form nine sides, surrounded by nine ponds.

Lotus Temple, Delhi, India (2)

The India Gate, is the monument to the Indian soldiers who died during the First World War and the Afghan wars, was built between 1921 and 1931. Since 1971, under the monument is lit an eternal flame called Amar Jawan Jyoti (the warrior immortal flame). This is one of the most famous monuments of the city.

India Gate, Delhi, India



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