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Welcome to Lis Stories!

I am Lis Roldan, I was born in a small coffee town in central Colombia called Filandia; There I grew up with my grandmother, I have never lived with my parents, also I am adoptive mother of two beautiful rescued cats and I have the most wonderful life partner that life could give me. I am a lover of travel, the charismatic, friendly and humble people, photography, animals, film and sport. I am a business administrator by profession, artist and traveler by soul and passion. I did not want to be an administrator, since I was a little girl my essence was motivated by my hands and my creativity, I know how to do all kinds of crafts, painting, drawing, embroidery and knitting in different ways, but life has not allowed me to study anything related to it, but I got the opportunity to study management. I’m not a writer or photographer, however, I write this blog and have taken all the photographs that appear in it, except where I appear.

Coffee Zone Filandia, Quindío, Colombia
Coffee Zone, Colombia

The Lis Stories blog, was born in October 2014 while I was on a Caribbean island, but was not public until November of that year. Born with the motivation to share my first trip alone to India, where I lived for almost half year, during this time my aspirations changed and I became a mistress of diversity, cultural differences, and people preserving their roots, the traditions of each place and of life in general. I was motivated to write, because I am a person who likes to talk, my partner says that if I do not have someone to talk with I will try to find someone for doing it. I am not afraid to talk to strangers and I always have many things to tell. I am still young, but my life since childhood has been very rapid way and allowed me to experience many good things and some not so.

Amber Fort, Jaipur, India
Lis en Jaipur, India

Writing for this blog brings fulfillment to my life and I love knowing there are other people sharing my feelings, thoughts and ideas. It is a blog dedicated to sharing stories and experiences during my trips to different places that I have had the privilege and the opportunity to visit. My stories are accompanied with photographs that are the result of everything that my senses can perceive. I do not write travel guides, only I strive to publicize the essence of each place, from their cultural expressions, traditions, its people, their beliefs and lifestyle in general.

Thanks for being here sharing your time with me, if you want to know more about my life not hesitate to ask, I will gladly answer you.

Giving a wreath at the River Ganges to cleanse karma, Varanasi, India
Lis en el Río Ganges, Varanasi, India

“Serve, love, give, purify, meditate and Realize. Be good, do good, be kind and compassionate. Ask yourself… Who am I? Know the Self and be free.” Sri Swami Sivananda

Versión en Español: ACERCA DE LIS


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