Different paths, same goal ¡survive!

Very good price, Indian price, ¡Very Cheap! This is the most famous phrase in all markets in India, accompanied by a very unique head nod. Everyone will try to convince you to buy their products, but always they will be willing to negotiate with you and give you something for free.

Indian woman

During my days in India, I was amazed to see the ways that Indians manage to make money, in fact they are very creative people who do almost miracles with what little they have. A situation not far from of Colombian families. However, it is possible to find different jobs that are out of everyday context; such as cobra charmers, barbers, tattoo artists, shoemakers, recyclers of objects used in funerary rituals, people ironing clothes with old coal plates, wedding entertainers, floating vendors, among others. However they all have something in common and that is that your workplace is in the streets. Whether it is sunny or is monsoon time, they will be expecting to earn a few rupees.

Moreover, there is not asepsis in their work, the barber has not time or money to think about changing blade for each client but if you offer massage with ice to prevent redness and irritation. The tattoo artist works with one machine that does not allow needle exchange and uses the same ink for all clients, but has many designs you can choose. Shoemaker works with his rusty tools while sitting on the floor, he cannot offer you a chair to make you comfortable while you wait, but surely will offer you his own pair of shoes for you to use it while he is arranging yours.

indian barber in Bodh Gaya India

Each of these dealers has its own history, you will meet people who you’ve already seen before on postcards that have you possibly sent to your loved ones, you will find with the best oils produced by gentiles and educated Muslims even though they cannot attend schools product of the rejection to their beliefs, you will see that there are still people who prefer to keep using the old methods to perform the simplest like ironing or sewing and these are the best in their work tasks.

Sometimes the essence and best of a place is not in tourist places, but in the people, and in what they have for teaching and offer you.

Versión en Español: Diferentes caminos, un mismo objetivo ¡subsistir!


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