Colorful sunsets in Aruba

Aruba is a simply wonderful place, is part of the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean is not very large in size but has everything you need to be happy and enjoy some unforgettable days.

This is my first publication and I’m glad I dared to take the first step. I am temporarily living in Aruba, since I recently graduated from college and am in the process of finding an occupation.

Since childhood I have a weird obsession with fish and water, so my happiness is synonymous with beach, sea, sand and wind. But I learned to swim when I was already large which means about three years ago, I did together with my boyfriend whom I asked him to come with me for swimming lessons at my university because I felt shame and fear. Of course He already knew how to swim and now he is a triathlete, in my case, I’m still afraid to make a dive; but I learnt how to swim that was the important thing.

My mom resides on the island for about 18 years, there is also my sister she is 15 years old and my mother cannot swim -so do not even think of a natural disaster-. I on the other hand continued living in Colombia until recently finished my studies but for the last six years have traveled to Aruba for vacation and now to escape of my dilemmas of recent graduate.

Aruba is a place where you never have time to get bored, since it offers beautiful scenery to delight your eyes, your mind and heart. The sea that bathes its beaches with all its vastness, its splendor and its many shades of blue invites you to enjoy its warm waters, soft sand and take a sun bath and forgetting all your worries or discomforts. But I’m the kind of person that care about the large number of risks that have sunbathing at certain times of day, I worry about stains and spots that come into my skin, so to avoid increasing the possibilities to suffer some kind of skin disease, I prefer to wait until the afternoon to enjoy the wonder about this place, the beaches.

But not as a place to tan but as a zone of peace, joy, emotions and perfect for watching the best sunsets. A natural miracle that can be seen from the comfort of the soft white sands and the warmth of its sea. The sunsets with their different colors are the most simple and perfect moments that you can enjoy, and best of all is that they are free.

I share some of the moments that I could capture in this Caribbean paradise, I hope you like them.

Versión en español: Atardeceres de colores en Aruba


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